Sandra Bullock: Ryan Reynolds Is ‘Not My Lover’ (Video)

Sandra Bullock tried to set the record straight about rumors that she and Ryan Reynolds have a thang going on. She told ‘Today’ Show host Al Roker that Ryan Reynolds is ‘not my lover’.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

According to Sandra Bullock, she and Ryan Reynolds are ‘just friends’. The two co-starred in The Proposal last year when they were both married to other people. Since then, Sandra had a high-profile divorce from cheating scoundrel Jesse James and more recently Ryan Reynolds announced he and his wife of a couple of years, Scarlett Johansson, are divorcing amicably.

Since Reynolds and Johansson have separated, Ryan (34) and Bullock (46) have been seen together frequently. Naturally, rumors started circulating that the Sexiest Man Alive was having a fling with America’s Sweetheart. Instead, Bullock says the only man she’s taking off the market is her 1-year-old son Louis for the next 18-years.

She joked that women in America can breath a collective sigh of relief that Reynolds is still available. Well, once his divorce from Johansson is complete.

Of course this won’t stop the rumors and the gossip world will still be watching the two stars to see what happens next. Meanwhile, you can watch the Today show clip in the video below where Sandra Bullock claims that Ryan Reynolds is ‘not my lover’.

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