Nadya Suleman: OctoMom Fetish Video

Nadya Suleman and some unidentified man are shopping a fetish video.

Octomom Bikini

The OctoMom fetish video is said to feature Nadya Suleman in a black corset and black leggings with ‘kinda smokin’ body. I didn’t say her body was smokin’, the people at TMZ said that. I want to go gouge my eyes out to get the visual out of my head.

So in the video, she’s got a whip and is whopping the living daylights out of the guy who is dressed in a diaper and is wearing a bonnet. This visual gets worse and worse.

Okay, the theme is obviously OctoMom ‘disciplining’ a grown-man dressed as a baby. Nadya Suleman, babies, get it? The woman is famous for having 14 kids and had 8 of them at once. I just don’t think this OctoMom fetish video is healthy. I really don’t.

Now I need to go take a bath in Clorox cause I just feel dirty for having written about this.

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  • Clintonmarket1

    Holy crap, Octomom doing an adult baby S&M film! But, most American porn companies won’t want to touch this weird stuff. That leaves Larry Flynt’s TABOO or the Europeans such as Mood Pictures in Hungary to distribute this weird crap.

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