Jay Chou May Emerge As A Big Breakout Star From THE GREEN HORNET

Although Seth Rogan doesn’t really seem like the most obvious first choice to play the millionaire crime fighter, the Green Hornet, his movie did quite well this past weekend, raking in $34 million. But, Taiwanese musician and singer, Jay Chou may emerge as the biggest new breakout star of this new incarnation of THE GREEN HORNET. Stepping into the role that launched Bruce Lee as an international superstar, Jay Chou has become popular in Asia for combining R&B sounds with his popular music. Now, he’s being viewed as an action movie star because of this film. In Beijing, Chou hosted a promo event for the film this weekend, which is set to debut in early February.

Jay Chou could get a big break in the international market through the exposure from this film. More movie roles may come. His records might get more attention. Asia has so many legitimate major stars and musicians who are virtual unknowns in the Western world. All they need is exposure to the U.S. market for the public to fall in love with them. Jay Chou is such a star. He’s a great talent in search of the American public to learn about him and give him that big break here.

At age 31, handsome looking Jay Chou has achieved many impressive goals in Asia including top music awards as well as film work directing. He’s a man of so many talents. The role of Kato in THE GREEN HORNET seems like such small potatoes compared to these other achievements, yet it’s his major foot in the door introduction to the U.S. public.

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