It’s Official: Jim Parsons Is A Big Star!

Things just keep better and better for the smash hit CBS comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY. It’s been renewed to run many more seasons this past week. Now, actor Jim Parsons, who plays the outrageous Sheldon Cooper on the series has won the Golden Globe Award for best TV comedy actor. That’s a big achievement.

Since his move to Los Angeles, Parsons tried out for as many as 30 TV show auditions. But, Producer Chuck Lorre was so impressed by his audition he asked him back for a second look. He was hired on the spot.

Parsons isn’t so much in love with the unusual character he plays as much he loves to “dance” through the rhythmic dialog written for him by the show’s writers. He loves that part of his job the best. And audiences just love his annoying and outrageous character. He’s so outrageous that he’s great. Sort of like an outrageous comedy version of Mr. Spock.

After his big Golden Globe win, it’s official, after many years of auditions and effort, Jim Parsons is a major star.

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