Helena Bonham Carter: Golden Globes Fashion Photo of the Day

Helena Bonham Carter

How can you not love Helena Bonham Carter? The one time soap opera beauty turned eccentric partner and baby mama to Director Tim Burton is nothing if not interesting.

Check out the ensemble she wore to the Golden Globes last night. It is fantastic in so many ways. If that were worn by anyone else it just wouldn’t have worked, but on Helena Bonham Carter, it works. It works because it expresses the absolute chaotic eccentricity that IS this woman.

I don’t know her personally, but I have an image in my head of a woman that is perfectly outrageous in every aspect of her life. Its not an act. Its her. I imagine her house is decorated in much the same fashion. I see stuffed birds on the mantle that she speaks to affectionately and doilies on the tables crocheted in psychedelic colors. I’ve not been there, but that’s what I see in my mind’s eye when I think of what her house is like. Its next door to Tim Burton’s house because the two determined they couldn’t live together. THAT is not a surprise at all.

More Helena Bonham Carter.

Was she alone in a dark room when she fixed her hair or is this the look she was aiming for? Where are the mates to the mis-matched shoes she’s wearing? Maybe they can be found in the ratted-up bee-hive on her head or maybe they are lost for the ages in the floor to ceiling piles of shoes, bras and tossed away candy wrappers that I imagine is under her bed.

But wait, the shoes do match the colors in her dress. Maybe she just couldn’t decide which color to wear and opted for both.

She is wearing a Vivienne Westwood gown, but who notices that with the eccentric aura that is pouring from every pore of her being.

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  • Alex London

    I ADORE her aswell, and as a fashion designer iwould KILL to dress her everyday! But this dress was a mess! It didnt fit properly, and the length was just wrong… it makes her look verrrrry short. Maybe next time she should go for a more amazing designer McQueen perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the only post that i have seen that doesnt put Helena down !!!
    Thank you someone else agrees with me, she looks awesome as usual not like all the other LA stars. she is just so beautiful and crazy i Love herrr !!! XD xx