China’s Answer To Rolls Royce

Chinese automaker Geely continues to amaze the automotive world with a new luxury production model of their Emgrand GE that will directly compete with the Rolls Royce Phantom model. The Geely will sells for about $44,000. Rolls Royce models range from $245,000 to $443,000. A couple years ago, a concept model of Geely GE drew the wrath of Rolls Royce who called the model nothing more than a blatant trademark infringement and considered seeking damages. However, the new model of Geely updates the styling to bring a fresh identity to the Chinese supercar.

While some Rolls Royce models are powered by v-12 engines, the v-6 powerplant in the Chinese luxury car is considerably smaller in displacement and power. And the luxury car is strangely only a three seater. The third passenger sits in extreme luxury in a throne-like luxury seat behind a sliding glass compartment. Strange that such a nice automobile has this 2+1 seating arrangement. When you have this much money, you generally want to bring along a female friend.

The first version of the Chinese luxury automobile even ripped off the flying winged lady ornament as well. Rolls Royce lawyers couldn’t have been more unhappy. However, the Chinese court system makes pressing lawsuits for trademark infringement cases extremely difficult, even if the government of China is unhappy about a particular foreign business case. GM had to let a trademark infringement suit against another Chinese automaker, Chery, just die after it proved to be difficult in the Chinese courts to seek damages. At best, GM could only get some legal agreement from Chery not to closely infringe their product designs a second time.

Some Chinese companies have proved themselves to be masters of knock-off design products. But, the new Chinese luxury car has gone past that point, and now has a unique identity, making it one of the best luxury car limousine bargains to be found worldwide.

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