Kayte Walsh: Kelsey Grammer to Marry Girlfriend in February

Kelsey Grammer is marrying his girlfriend Kayte Walsh in February.

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer is pretty much ignoring his former wife’s confessional to Howard Stern that he’s into cross-dressing and what-not. Instead, he’s focusing on his new lady-love. His future baby-mama and younger verson of his former wife, Camile Donatacci Gammer.

PHOTO: Camille Donatacci Grammer in a Bikini

The 55-year-old actor told David Letterman on Thursday night that he and his new love, Kayte Walsh, are planning to get married as soon as possible, probably in February. He and Kayte Walsh have been dating since July 2010, much to the surprise of Camile, who was at the time playing the uber-beotch on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The episodes of the reality show aired after the news of Kelsey Grammer’s love-affair with the 29-year-old British flight attendant came to light. It was a little creepy to watch her on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills talking about her marriage when we already knew he was messing around with Kayte Walsh. But that’s another story.

Kelsey told People Magazine that they are getting married because they are engaged and they are engaged because they are in love so why postpone the happy union of wallet, I mean man, and wife.

Kelsey Grammer first asked for a divorce when his girlfriend was pregnant with his fifth child. However, she miscarried, but Grammer says they are in love and plan on her becoming his fourth wife. Of course, that would be after he clears up the ugly business of divorcing his third wife and mother of his two youngest children, Camille, who he has been married to since 1997.

Camille Grammer, 41, is seeking full physical custody of the couples two children, daughter Mason, 8, and son Jude, 5 and is reported to be in eligible for a $50 million divorce settlement.

I have read that Camile Donatacci Gammer has been the brains behind Kelsey Grammer’s ability to capitalize on his star power and maximize his earning power. Reports are that he’s terrible with money. I just don’t know how it will go for him without someone keeping track of his funds. He’ll be okay as long as he earns, I guess.

Whatever the case. We wish nothing but luck for his fourth marriage to Brit Kayte Walsh. Maybe fourth time’s the charm. We certainly hope so.

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