Gary Busey Set Up For Phony DUI Stop

A Malibu couple was arrested after they phoned in a phony tip to the police claiming that actor Gary Busey was driving his Mercedes erratically. When Busey was stopped by police officers, the couple jumped out of their car and began to take a series of photos until a police officer asked them to stop, because it was interfering with his DUI investigation. Busey was found to be perfectly sober by the officers, and allowed to go on his way, however the couple were arrested for obstructing the police in their duties.

The woman, identified as Patrice Karst, was also charged with possession of marijuana as well. It seems the only only person high as a kite was Karst. Busey has been on his very best behavior for some time now, and often makes the rounds of religious TV shows to witness about his new life since a serious head injury from a motorcycle crash almost ended his life a few years ago. Busey had just purchased a motorcycle from a dealer, drove it around the block and was involved in the serious and life changing crash.

David Letterman used to joke that Gary Busey was “goofy” back in the old days. Busey remains a popular actor these days, often playing intense action characters.

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