Sometimes it’s so refreshing to review a great film that the whole family can enjoy, and the recently released DVD and Blu-ray disc of DESPICABLE ME is truly a great family film. Children and adults alike will be awed at the amazing computer generated CDI 3D imagery and animation. And the story is a great crisp and fresh one as well.

In short summary here, Steve Carell voices the super-villain, Gru, who plans the biggest heist ever by scheming to steal the moon. He has a loyal army of minions happy to do his bidding, however three orphan girls don’t see the immense evil in him, and instead view him as a potential father, forcing Gru to consider his options here. I won’t spoil things here. I want you to see this great animated film from Universal for yourself. I promise that both children and adults will find this DVD so enjoyable, and even better on Blu-ray with the vivid picture providing the breathtaking animation with a higher level of pure awe factor.

DESPICABLE ME was a huge box office success, and should be a smash hit on DVD and Blu-ray as well.

Besides the voice of Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig and Jason Segel also loan their voices to this first rate CGI fun-fest. A truly enjoyable film.

The Bottom Line: A very good family film. An absolute must see movie. One of the best animated films of 2010. +++(Three Stars, good. Very good in fact. You won’t be disappointed with this film. Buy it on Blu-ray to add to your well stocked film library).

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  • Joe

    The main characters name is Gru, not Gnu.

  • Paul Hooson

    Very sorry, Joe. Sometimes, I can’t even read my own notes. Blame my rheumatoid arthritis for terrible handwriting, far worse than any doctor. But, this is a great film here regardless.

  • I need me some minions 🙂

  • Paul Hooson

    Hi Liz, I could use a few of those minions as well. But, if you had your choice between some minions or a $1295 pair of those handmade designer Jimmy Choo shoes which many of the Golden Globe actresses will wear, which one would you prefer? That’s a hard one.

    • That IS a hard one. If I could get the minions to make me a bunch of money, then I’d go with that. I just have a hard time seeing you in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes Paul. That image in my head is just not working … 😉