Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Want To Do His TBS Show “Forever”

TBS executive Michael Wright has told Conan O’Brien that they are satisfied enough with his show’s performance that he can have a home on the network “as long as he wants to do it”. However, Conan O’Brien has reportedly stated that he doesn’t want to do the show “forever”. Conan said at some point, years from now he’ll move on down the road.

But, don’t worry fans. Conan should be around for many years.

Conan also revealed that David Letterman gave him a friendly holiday phone call to see how he was doing. Neither addressed Jay Leno it seems. Both have some bad blood against the “Chinster” it seems. Letterman left NBC because he passed over by NBC as the TONIGHT SHOW host, despite the wishes of Johnny Carson, and Conan O’Brien had his major problems with NBC last year when his TONIGHT SHOW ratings fell below Leno’s old version of the show.

TBS and Conan O’Brien appear to make a perfect match.

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  • sluggo

    its the same old crappy show he used to have.