Helen Flanagan Partying in London in a Very Short Skirt Photos

Helen Flanagan was partying and fighting off paparazzi in London the other night. The Coronation Street star was also wearing a VERY short skirt. The paps got some good pictures of her and her friend as they boarded a London bus to get home. Check out the pictures below.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan was out and about in London with some friends over the weekend. The 20-year-old Coronation Street star plays Rosie Webster on the British soap-opera. She and her friends were seen at Mahiki and Chinawhite in London. About 3:30 a.m. she headed home with a pretty large pack of paparazzi following her and flashing lights in her face.

I wondered how some of the paps got some of the photos of her that they got. But if you look at the photos, its pretty obvious. Some of the paparazzi got photos of other paparazzi who were doing all kinds of contortions trying to get the pictures they wanted. Especially photos that take advantage of the extremely short skirt she was wearing.

It seems that the flashing lights got to be too much, so instead of waiting on a cab, she and her friend jumped on the late night bus to head home. Poor things. I would feel sorry for them except that’s the price of fame and fortune.

Enjoy the photos below from Helen Flanagan’s night out partying in London over the weekend.

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  • G.

    What kinda of freakin perverted peepin tom sticks a camera under a woman’s skirt???
    and you (PERVERT)….YOU,post the pics???

  • Anonymous

    “The first time…ever I saw your face…”

  • And yet you are here to look G.

  • G.

    I’m here to call your attention to what you are posting Liz. I’m appalled that you find no problem with what you posted or the actions of the photographers that stoop to such levels. If I came up to you on the street and lifted your dress to see whats underneath I’d be arrested and rightly so. How is this any different than what I said above?? If you’re a woman I can’t believe you don’t have a problem with this. Suppose this was your daughter being exposed to the world? This sort of thing cheapens life and degrades the dignity of women and society as a whole. But perhaps that’s all you care about.

  • Old Nobody

    Nothing wrong with this type of image, whiners notwithstanding.

    Too many of our actions are determined by fear, and not by fun or love.

    Privacy and secrecy are the domains of the insecure and fearful, who then try to impose their neuroses on everybody else.

    To the pure, all things are pure.

    Thanks for these fine images.