Definately Not Barbie

No, this isn’t S&M Barbie. It’s from ZC, a doll manufacturer from Shanghai, China that produces some outrageous and wildly detailed action figure dolls. And none of them are anything like Barbie. No, not even close. They range from biker girls, to bank robbers, to spy girls, to professional killers, to leather clad girls with handcuffs and a dog collar and chain around her neck. These dolls are definately not for the little kids. They’re as adult as you can get.

Several companies produce these outlandish highly detailed action figure dolls. Cy Girls and Evolution are two other brands. Evolution figures are anatomically correct as well, parts you find missing from Barbie. A Cat Woman figure by another manufacurer, BX from Hong Kong, is a very detailed figure, quite similar to that movie villianess with a very well designed leather-like costume. It’s one heck of a collector’s item toy.

If highly detailed tough girl dolls who rock masks, guns, knives, leather or whips & chains is your sort of thing, then you can’t do any better than ZC Girls. These are some of the wildest adult collector toys ever made.

While Barbie aspires to be a housewife or doctor, some ZC girls aspire to being a professional killer, a spy or even a sex slave. Outrageous.

You can find a wide range of ZC Girls dolls and action figures over at Ebay, where many are available on a “Buy It Now” basis, shipped directly from China to you. If Barbie is too tame for your tastes, and you might like to collect these strange and unusual action figure dolls. But to some folks, these might just bizarre if not sometimes creepy.

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