The Crazy World Of Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner has made himself an instant celebrity today by his deranged actions at a Safeway store in Arizona when he shot 18 persons including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a federal judge and a nine year old child. According to a background check, Loughner had a previous 2007 arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as a citation for running a stop sign. That’s a great combination, problems with drug use and automatic weapons. Nothing can possibly go wrong there, huh?

Loughner, a former community college student, left a wealth of crazy and warped messages on the Internet just to prove just how deranged he really was, including a gem where he seemed to view himself as a “terrorist” of sorts. Some reports claim that was rejected by the military after he attempted to enlist.

Yet, he seemed surprisingly literate for someone who wrote such weird and rambling messages on the Internet, including “No, I won’t pay debt with currency that’s not backed by gold or silver! No, I won’t trust in God!”. Give half a chance, he acted like a complete nut job screwball. Then again, his long list of claimed favorite books sounds mostly like any garden variety of classics from any junior college library. Probably a majority of college students have either read these books or perused the Cliff’s Notes versions to pass some English class. Some books like PETER PAN or ALICE IN WONDERLAND were probably read as a child. There was really nothing to prove that he was any Einstein genius here.

His posted MySpace stocking cap hat photo looked especially goofy. It has that “I’ve never had a girlfriend” look just reeking from it. A nerd’s nerd for sure.

His politics are little difficult to sort out. His thinking was so confused and crazy, yet some liberals and conservatives have both done some unhelpful finger pointing today, instead of just offering their best wishes or prayers.

Loughner did have some bizarre views that might indicate some mental health issues such as paranoid schizophrenia, where he believed that the CIA was reading MySpace, yet posted nonsense such as his views on being a “terrorist” of sorts. He never made a great deal of sense with his warped and confused logic.

Several things might result from the crazed actions of Jared Loughner today. Some politicians may offer less “town hall” type activities and accessibility to the public. Increased security is likely to result at many “town hall” meetings. Increased gun control legislation is likely to be presented at state and local levels since a member of congress was harmed. America became less free and open today because of a lone screwball.

Jared Loughner, a complete loser nobody found a very dubious path to fame today. That’s one heck of a path to celebrity status.

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  • Excellent points Paul. I think it’s disgusting how people immediately tried to politicize this rather than deal with the tragedy of it.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Liz. The story was so big I felt that it needed to be covered here because this lone screwball managed to make himself a celebrity with this outrageous crime. I’m so happy that some heroes stepped up to prevent him from reloaded and helped to save the congresswoman and others from bleeding to death until medical help arrived.

    There’s more than enough very good people to outweigh any bad ones.

    I too was sad that a few(but, thankfully only a few) tried to immediately pin some political blame somewhere as though this guy was a political terrorist rather than the lone nut screwball that he really was. That was unhelpful by a few.

    Certainly this is a good time to offer our best prayers and well wishes to the victims of this terrible crime. The actions of Jared Loner were totally unacceptable. Hopefully the legal system of Arizona will now protect the citizens of their state from any further violent actions by this terrible guy. The system failed when it allowed him to buy that Glock semiautomatic despite a history of mental health problems, incidents with campus security and an arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia.