Christine Paolilla: ‘Miss Irresistible’ had ‘Darkness in Her Soul’ (Videos)

Christine Paolilla

Christine Paolillia is pictured in her mugshot above. She was arrested in a San Antonio, Texas hotel and later convicted of murdering four of her high school friends on July 18, 2003. The murdered teens had all recently graduated from high school and were together at one of their homes when they were gunned down. The murdered teens were Marcus Precella, Tiffany Rowell, Adelbert Sanchez and Rachael Koloroutis.

It was a horrible crime scene with four dead teenagers in the home of Rachael Koloroutis’ parents. It took three years of investigation before police caught a break and an anonymous caller gave them the names of Christine Paolilla and her boyfriend Chris Snider. Snider killed himself when he found out police were on his trial. Christine was arrested in the San Antonia hotel after being holed up there for months doing drugs.

Christine’s mother, Lori Paolilla, tries to give some explanations as to what might have lead her only daughter to have committed such a horrific crime. Her father, Charles Paolilla, was killed in an accident when she was only 3-years-old, her grandparents died in the months following. Then the mother became a drug addict, leaving her two children, Christine and her older brother John to be raised by her other set of grandparents.

The question is whether or not these abandonment issues, that many people have to deal with in life, are a reason for killing her two best friends and the boys that were with them that night in July 2003.

Christine developed emotional problems very young and the once out-going toddler became an insecure, shy teenager. Then she met Tiffany Rowell and Rachael Koloroutis, a year ahead of her in high school and very popular, they took the insecure Christine under their wings and helped her come out of her shell.

So why would she murder the two girls in school who were her friends and were nice to her? A psychologist suggests it was probably envy. Christine’s mother blames the influence of Chris Snider, who Christine says forced her to shoot her friends during an attempted drug heist. Christine’s ex-husband, Justin Rott, says Christine had admitted to him that she was the one who initiated the whole incident and had willfully shot and beaten the victims to death.

Chrisine Paolilla is now appealing her conviction on the grounds that she was withdrawing from heroine during her interview with the police, a potion of which you can watch in the video below.

The Christine Paolilla case was highlighted on 20/20 earlier tonight. You can watch excerpts in the videos below.


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