SS Trike Reinvents The Big Wheel

SS Trike makes just about the coolest motorcycle trikes of any U.S. brand. Strangely, they look much like the kid’s big wheel all grown up. But, that’s where the resemblance ends. SS Trikes might well set you back a good $30k or better with options. However, the low center of gravity gives these bikes excellent stability, and road-ability. And the 2-speed automatic transmission also helps make riding these trikes just as easy as any car. There’s no clutch to mess with, so don’t go looking for one. There ain’t one. Nada.

However, the automatic transmission is race quality and excellently coverts all of that power from that big 117cube SS x-wedge engine to those 14inch rear tires. The big wheel on the front is a whooping 24inch size.

SS Trike has a variety of models, but each are eye-catching quality and design. They even have some nice models with flames that look much like a hot rod, especially with those 1950’s inspired Chevy hot rod cues in the rear styling and taillights.

Despite the price tag around $30k, SS Trikes are actually a bargain of sorts. Compared to spending $100k to custom build a bike this good, the engineers at SS Trikes have done all the hard work, mating the very best performance and quality components together. The result is a powerful trike that’s a thrill to ride.

You only live once. Go for it.

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