Chloe Sevigny Manages To Shock Once Again

As if actress Chloe Sevigny didn’t establish a lifetime shocker standard low with her BROWN BUNNY blow scene with that grimy looking Vincent Gallo guy, now she’s dating Pauly D from JERSEY SHORE. I’ll say that once again just so that the shock can really set in…..she’s dating Pauly D from JERSEY SHORE.

The two were photographed at a Knicks game the other night.

In just two seasons on the air, JERSEY SHORE has managed to horrify the viewing public by introducing us to the likes of Pauly D, a disc jockey, and that Lindsay Lohan wannabe, Nicole “Snooky” Polizzi. Her arrrest at Sunset Heights Beach for disturbing the peace will be aired in an upcoming season three episode.

Sadly, the new series just started to tape on January 6 for upcoming episodes. This means that you might want to schedule a root canal in coming weeks when the new episodes will air. As for me, I’m just grateful my house burned down and I don’t have cable TV right now.

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