Jessica Simpson Fashion Disaster! OMG! (Photo)

What is WITH Jessica Simpson these days? I know people are accusing her of being ‘obese’. I don’t think she’s ‘obese’, she’s just not tiny like she might have been a while back. She has obese potential though. Better watch it Jessica! Her fiance Eric Johnson doesn’t seem to mind a few extra pounds in the least. The two had a loving first kiss of 2011 the other night in Aspen. Then THIS happened.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know anything about fashion. Our fashion expert, Ella Rowe, is in Europe right now. Maybe she will be able to clue us in to what this means when she gets back from her trip. It could be that this is a trendy new look and I’m just clueless.

What do you think? Is Jessica Simpson’s look a fashion fail or is she rocking that look? Please let me know because right now my eyes are bleeding!

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