Jennifer Aniston Interviews Nicole Kidman for Harper’s Bazaar (Photos)

Nicole Kidman Haper's Bazaar Cover

Jennifer Aniston played interviewer to Nicole Kidman for a Harper’s Bazaar spread about Nicole. It was sort of a love fest between the two Hollywood leading ladies who are getting just a tad past their prime for the business they are in. One said the other was gorgeous and the other said, ‘NO! You are gorgeous’ then the other said ‘No, you are!’ then the other said ‘NO I said it first so tag your it!’. It went on like that for a little while.

Then they got down to business about how Keith Urban was a gift from God for Nicole Kidman because she was basically homeless and lost and wandering the Earth without roots or direction and praying for God to send her the right man that she could be devoted to for the rest of her life. Then he took her to Tennessee and she said ‘aahhh’. Truth!

That interview will run with these photos of Nicole Kidman in Harper’s Bazaar upcoming issue.

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