New Kate Gosselin Bikini Photos Down Under

Kate’s been trying to relax a little. Although I don’t see how dragging 8 crumb crunchers to Australia is relaxing. From the pictures below it doesn’t look like she got much relaxing accomplished. Check out the new Kate Gosselin bikini pics below.

You can see more Kate Gosselin bikini pics here. I think maybe she’ll think twice before taking the kids to Australia. I think they had more fun camping with Sarah Palin!

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  • The kids look bored, but this looks like its definitely more Kate Gosselin’s type of vacation. The kids looked like they were having a ball with Sarah Palin in Alaska, but Kate couldn’t quit whining the whole time they were there and eventually took her kids and left. I never saw a grown woman whine that much!

    Laying out looking like she’s being well taken care of looks like its more her speed. The kids will just have to adjust! Ha!

  • It does seem like Kate was trying to get some R & R during this trip. I wonder what the kids do while she goes into relax mode.