Kathy Griffin Without Make-Up Photo

Kathy Griffin Without Make-Up

Above is a photo of Kathy Griffin without make-up. It speaks for itself, don’t you think? I have nothing else to say on the subject because I am absolutely speechless. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Kathy Griffin Bikini Photos

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  • Mr_otis_a_block

    It’s nice to see that Andy Dick is getting more exposure.

  • Makeup or No makeup. Ugly is ugly. Kathy is ugly.

  • Paul

    good lord… is Woz still hitting that? Cuz with his green, he could do way better than waking up to that.

  • Anonymous

    Many of us would look bad without make-up. However, if there is goodness in one’s heart, it shows on the outside as well. Kathy’s problem is that she is ugly on the inside. You can’t cover that with all the make-up in the world.

  • Nick

    Look, it’s Martin Short!

  • The Watcher

    Actually Nick, it looks more like Martin Short’s grandmother.

  • 3seven77

    This is what living the liberal lifestyle – drugs, alcohol, self-indulgence – does to a person. Wow. And she’s only 50.

    • Jimmyhoffa

      What a dick you are. 

      p.s. Run along and listen to your junkie fat God, Rush Limbaugh