Hollywood Superbabe Anne Francis Dead At 80

Anne Francis was a great actress. Her short lived series, HONEY WEST, set the stage for more action private eye and spy series such as the JAMES BOND series and THE AVENGERS to feature tough females clad in skin tight black jumpsuits. HONEY WEST may have only lasted for just 30 episodes, but it had lots of style. And her pet ocelot(also called the dwarf leopard) in the series had that exotic wild animal look. The show may not have lasted long, but it inspired more tough female roles in so many more shows.

Anne Francis died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 80. But in the late 50’s and early 60’s, she was one of the hottest blond actresses of them all. She just exuded sex appeal. She was perfect as the tough but very sexy HONEY WEST.

But, Anne Francis was also a major star in the classic sci fi film, FORBIDDEN PLANET, and was also featured in classics such as BLACKBOARD JUNGLE and other pretty decent films. She also appeared on THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and other TV shows as well.

It’s so sad to see the death of this league major babe. She was so fine. One of the most beautiful and sexy women ever to appear on the small or big screen. Her little trademark birthmark by her mouth gave her such a distinctive beautiful look.

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