Will Smith May Become Major TV Production Force

Will Smith is working behind the scenes on two new TV shows which he will produce. One takes place in China, where a young female college student moonlights as a crime fighter. Smith is working with Chinese-born filmmaker Eva Jin on this so far unnamed project, and a pilot episode may be filmed soon by Will Smith’s production company.

A second Will Smith production hopes to be a TV version of his megahit movie HITCH. HITCH was a huge box office success and grossed over $368 million from it’s $70 million dollar production budget. The film was a romantic comedy about a match maker, and was really loved the public, making it one of Will Smith’s biggest hits.

Will Smith debuted on NBC in 1990 on THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR, which NBC used to replace the sagging ratings of the Alien puppet comedy, ALF. THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR ran for nearly six seasons.

In it’s second season, ALF peaked at #10 in the ratings, with the strength of Paul Fusco as the both the puppeteer and the voice behind the sharp-witted wisecracking alien, ALF. But, by season four the comedy series had seemed to “jump the shark”, and NBC looked for something fresh and hot to lead off the once coveted NBC 8:00 Monday night slot. Will Smith has been a hot Hollywood property ever since, making lists of one of the wealthiest celebrities under 40 before. Will Smith is just 42 right now.

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR opportunity was a real lifesaver for Will Smith. He was a successful rapper before the TV show, but had grossly underpaid his taxes, and had to pay a $2.8 million penalty and back taxes besides having property seized by the government. It left him basically broke, so doing the TV show was absolutely necessary.

Will Smith has proven that he can be a top dog no matter what he does. He’s been a huge success in music, TV and movies. Now, he plans to take on TV production. Who doesn’t expect him to strike gold once again?

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