New Book By Former Playmate Paints Unflattering Portrait Of Hugh Hefner’s Lovelife

Former Playmate Izabella St. James has captured a pretty unflattering portrait of Hugh Hefner’s PLAYBOY lovelife world in her latest kiss and tell book. The former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner reports that sex with the PLAYBOY empire king was too much like sex with a “dead fish,” with him just laying there lifeless in bed, and a girlfriend hopping on-board for a 1 minute ride. She had higher hopes that he knew things that other guys didn’t. But, those dreams were quickly dashed.

And if this lifeless sex wasn’t near bad enough, it seems that the dogs at the PLAYBOY mansion weren’t house trained and would often whiz or mess at will all over the house, giving it a very nice aroma. When girlfriends would stop by the bedroom for their weekly $1,000 allowance from Hef, they would often step right into the latest dog poop that was left laying around.

Hey, there’s nothing like sex with some 84 year old man and the powerful aroma of stale dog urine to really set the mood. Talk about romance!

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  • ARGH!

  • chphhetpg

    Ewww. Hugh Hefner is a glorified dirty old man.

  • Hasn’t he been one for years now?

  • Hennessy22

    Hugh Hefner made millions of dollors, slept with the most beutiful woman in the world and had the respect of news media and all that he ran into, he may have been god’s faverite person lol