The Judds Set For Huge 2011 Comeback

The very popular 1980’s country music mother-daughter duo, The Judds, are posed for a huge 2011 comeback. A big reunion tour is planned. A new album is on the way. And a new reality series on Oprah’s new network, OWN, should just about cement this trifecta reunion effort together. It would be hard to see this thing fail.

In the 1980’s, The Judds were huge. The mother and daughter team of Naomi and Wynonna had tight harmonies and great material to work with. They churned out huge hit after hit. But, then some health problems hit the mother, Naomi who had worked as a nurse prior to her signing career, where she had contracted hepatitis C working with patients. The potentially fatal liver disease sidelined their music act at their very peak. A pay-per-view farewell concert on cable for the duo had become the biggest selling cable musical show ever aired.

Naomi Judd had since worked as a motivational speaker, and regularly would tour religious television shows such as Robert Schuller’s HOUR OF POWER professing her Christian faith. She is also a well known Republican donor and leans conservative in her politics.

Daughter Wynonna continued a highly successful solo recording act. Her seventh and latest solo album, SING:CHAPTER 1, released in 2009 peaked at #5 on the country charts and #37 on the overall charts, and managed to successfully weld combine country, Southern rock, rockabilly and bluesy gospel styles together to create a very fine album. Her cover version of “I Hear You Knocking” is one of the better versions of that classic rock song ever recorded. With her big booming voice, it’s indeed a very powerful song, although the single failed to chart on most charts. Her follow-up single, “Sing” did hit #4 on the U.S. dance charts though.

Ashley Judd, the half sister of Wynonna continues to have a strong career in film, and is known for her strong support for humanitarian causes helping many organizations. Unlike her mother, Ashley leans Democratic in her political support and is a well known Hollywood liberal. Ashley isn’t part of The Judds, but is a powerful entertainer in her own right, only proving that The Judds are one of the greatest family acts in entertainment.

With fresh new material, the latest concert tour won’t just be some oldies act tour. It’s a legitimate fresh start for the very popular act to win over new fans as well as to please older fans of the act. Hopefully, the country music radio stations will give decent airplay to the new album and The Judds can be one of few older country acts to find new life once again. Too often it seems like the country music stations are very political, usually only helping newer acts to sell lots of records.

The Judds kick off their new concert tour on New Years Day, and hopefully can reclaim their spot in the country music world as a top act once again. 2011 sure looks like their year.

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