Lady Gaga’s Long Lost Bizarre Photo Outtakes

Lady Gaga has experimented with many unusual and eccentric costumes in her career. However, some strange bondage-oriented photo session outtakes from 2003 have surfaced for a purported Japanese VOGUE magazine session.

Considering the conservative nature of Japan, these strange photo outtakes seem especially unusual. Then again, nothing seems like business as usual for Lady Gaga, whose style always seems to be going for the wildly eccentric looks


Fans of Lady Gaga might enjoy these wild photo outtakes, while more normal folks might just want to recoil in horror. After all, isn’t she the musician who once posed nude with a skeleton?

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  • Guest

    These photos are from 2009 not 2003 if they were from 2003 she would have only been 16 or 17 when the photos were taken!

  • Mr_otis_a_block

    Nobuyoshi Araki was the possible photographer. His work, in Japan and elsewhere, is far from conservative. And, as a note, so are the Japanese in general. They are as kinky as the rest of us.

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