Katy Perry Without Makeup Is Scary

Without her two enormous assets to distract the eye, this photo of Katy Perry posted on Twitter today by husband Russell Brand, seriously deflates the notion that she’s naturally “hot.”

We’ll take out Katy Perry with makeup (and cleavage) please.

Hat tip:  Holy Moly!

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  • Paul Hooson

    Certainly another frightening “Without Makeup” experience for the Wizbang Pop reader to behold and digest. But, I suppose when you’re only being seen by Russell Brand there’s not really a lot of incentive to look your very best. And that deer caught in the headlights effect is always a great treatment as well. Very effective to look one’s very worst.

    Russell Brand is a little hard for me to figure. He looks a lot like some 70’s era glam rock star, but then has that slight beard to ruin that look. Then again, he manages to ruin lots of things, including both comedy and acting. Now, he ruins his attractive wife by posting those awful photos. Another Russell Brand classic for sure.

  • Very few if any, are naturally hot. This sort of proves that theory to be true.

  • Christina Viering

    Her husband took the pic and posted it?

    • Kevin

      Yes he did. He quickly deleted it however.

  • I bet her husband is in the proverbial dog house for that! lol

  • Remarkable what you can do with a makeup artist and an expert hairdresser and properly fitted clothing… as well as a competent photographer who will wait while the proper pose is struck…. vs. a husband taking a snapshot as you wake up from a nap w/o makeup and hairdresser assistance.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, let’s see how you look first thing in the morning under “Blair Witch Project” lighting.

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