Aretha Franklin And Charlie Sheen Dead?

Unfortunately, some news has been circulating around the Web this evening claiming that soul legend, Aretha Franklin has died from her battle with pancreatic cancer. THE NEWS OF THE WORLD was one of the first sources to run this as a news flash. However, a family source discounts this story claiming that the singer is ill, yet very much alive.

A second story without any reasonable basis is that actor Charlie Sheen was killed in a ski accident in Switzerland. However, there is no reason to believe that this is correct either. In fact, it was Denice Richards who was the first credible source to discount this death story.

How do stories like this start anyway? Credible news sources such as CNN, FOX, or others will verify more facts before running a story. But, lesser news sources and information services such as TWITTER just don’t care. Some think that something is news, and just run with the story regardless of verification of facts.

So rest easy fans, it appears that both Aretha Franklin and Charlie Sheen are both alive this evening.

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