Bristol Palin Will Attend Arizona State University

Bristol Palin claims that she will enroll at Arizona State University next year. Students at the college are voicing bipartisan support for their new celebrity student. However, you only have to wonder whether she’ll follow mom’s lead and quit in the middle of her first term?

Fresh from her strong runner-up performance on DANCING WITH THE STARS, the celebrity student should be very popular on campus. Especially so if she brings the drinks. What clubs will she join?

BTW, Is there a Jack Daniels club at ASU?

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  • Jessie

    That is NOT a picture of Bristol Palin. Anyone with eyes can tell from DWTS that this is not her. If you can’t get a picture right why would be believe your reporting is correct?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the college that wouldn’t give President Obama a Honorary Degree. They will probably give Bristol a Bachelor’s Degree her first day while she’s standing in line at the cafeteria.
    Good Luck to the Palin Family may all your endeavors be as successful as the raise in value of the home Bristol bought with her cheating winnings.

  • Wow chris – hate much?

  • anotherdirtymartini

    Hmmm….what does the photo have to do w/your story? That’s not Bristol.

  • Ilwhtq

    hahahahahaha brist-shi. u suck and fu_k ur mom