Reby Sky Turns Down WWE: New York Giants Girl, Playboy Model (Photos)

The ‘New York Giants Girl’ and Playboy model Reby Sky has turned down WWE contract that would have made her a superstar in the World World Wrestling Entertainment. She tweeted about it. You can see her pictures and a video of her below.

Reby Sky

Its a sad day when financially lucrative opportunities collide and you have to chose between them. Or in the words of Reby Sky, its a ‘weird day’. The 24-year-old beauty tweeted about having to turn down WWE because of another contract.

Weird day. Just had to turn down WWE (per my Lucha Libre USA contract). Very weird day.

Reby Sky is her professional name. Her real name is Rebecca Victoria Reyes. She is from New York and is known as ‘The New York Giants Girl’ because she flat out LOVES the New York Giants.

She’s not just another pretty face (and hot body) though. She’s a concert pianist and has studied dance and theatrical arts. She posed for Playboy Magazine in 2007. She’s done some television and music videos. Right now is is the on-air talent for Busted Open, the pro-wrestling show on Sirius Satellite Radio and worked as a host for the online sports and hosts Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors on MTV2. And that’s the reason she can’t do take up the WWE offer.

Check out what the WWE is missing out on in the photos and video below. I had to put the pictures under the fold because some of them are NSFW. All you have to do is click on the link to see the photos.


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