Nicki Minaj Sex Tape to Hit the Internet?

Is there a Nicki Minaj sex tape about to hit the internet? According to rumors there is one circulating. Read more about it below.

Nicki Minaj

There is reportedly a Nicki Minaj sex tape making the rounds on the internet. The problem is that the alleged private tape of the 26-year-old is too grainy to really be able to make out. What we know is that a topless woman who resembles Minaj is in the tape.

The tape is being offered for $100,000 and is said to have screened it.

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So why would Nicki Minaj be hawking a sex tape at this point when she’s had a huge year. She doesn’t need it for fame now. The thing is, they said the video was made before she became famous, but that doesn’t explain why she, or whoever, is trying to sell it now.

Minaj hasn’t commented about the alleged sex tape that may or may not hit the internet.

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