Faye Resnick Playboy Photo: Camille Grammer Slams Resnick (Video)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets down and dirty when Camille Grammer slams Faye Resnik Playboy photos during a dinner party. The video of the cat-fight is below as well as the Faye Resnick Playboy photo.

Faye Resnick Playboy

Camille Donatacci, also known as Camille Grammer, hosted a dinner party on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that ended up hosting a cat-fight between Faye Resnick and Allison Dubois. But then, that’s why we love the Real Housewives series isn’t it.

While Faye and Allison were going at each other, Camille contributed that Faye had posed for Playboy Magazine and she just loved ‘her spread’.

She then went on to call Faye ‘morally corrupt’ for posing for Playboy during the O. J. Simpson trial for the murder of her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

Naturally, that led to the other women telling the world that Camille had posed for Playboy 15 times and therefore who is ‘morally corrupt’.

You can get a taste of the women fighting in the video below as see the Faye Resnick Playboy photos under the fold (you have to click the link to see them because they are NSFW).

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