Nicki Minaj Birthday Party at TAO Las Vegas! (Photos)

Nicki Minaj celebrated her 26th birthday at TAO Las Vegas with a few hundred of her closest friends. Check out photos of her at her birthday party below.

Nicki Minaj

The Your Love rapper had a great birthday bash at TAO Las Vegas with close friends Amber Rose and Cassie. Others in attendance included her Young Money family, Birdman, Mack Maine and a sober Lil Wayne.

She celebrated with her friends and two pink Barbie convertible cakes.

Enjoy watching the Nicki Minaj video below as well as a lot more pictures of the pop diva. More birthday photos here.

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  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one..But WHAT THE “F” is wrong with this retarded ass girl wearing one of Lil Kim’s most popular outfits, Well I guess next she’s going to appear in another outfit with her boob out…………I see right through you too and you are a very nasty and disrespectful individual, this is your way reverting back to that wanna be..U R a COPYKAT, U R a COPYKAT, U R a COPYKAT

    • mizzsmith

      Anonymous – when you make as much money as she does then you are free to wear whatever you wish. And in all reality every one of us is a copycat one way or another, we always run to buy the latest trends. And F.Y.I. if you’re going to leave comments you could at least take the decency to use spell check instead of looking like an ignorant illiterate a**.

  • true

    lil kim wore that outfit already wow she really wants to be kim

  • IWearWhatIWant

    Britney Spears wore that outfit too. So, is Britney trying to be Lil Kim too? You act like the outfit is an exact replica of the nude knickerbocker outfit Kim wore. Damn, get over yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Mizzsmith…If you are not in the public eye than yes you may wear whatever you want…but to be famous and the most talked about “No not cool”, I’ll be glad when she fades away or Lil Kim some how shut the retard up. And as for you “Mizzsmith” I know what I spelled and it’s politically correct not literally….GO BACK 2 SCHOOL…you are a wanna be too. I bet you walk out the house to club 1 day as Lil Kim, then the following week Trina, then Nicki Minaj, So who were you before Nicki Minaj hit the screens.

  • Lil kim has how many songs? How many did she write herself. Nicki got talent, get the FOCK over it you haters. Trinidad loves you Nicki, dress as you fock well please.

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