Zombie Stripper Film Shoots In Vancouver

Gilbert Gottfried has reportedly decided to decline a role in a new film that is a sort of parody of ZOMBIELAND. However, Daniel Baldwin will play a role in STRIPPERLAND, fighting off the advancing hordes of zombie strippers. Lloyd Kaufman, Troma pictures CEO (read major league king of schlock B grade films) will also appear in a role in the independent film made on about a $300,000 budget that should appear in around 160 theaters according to the purported distribution deal.

This past Sunday, two streets of downtown Vancouver were closed off as filming for street scenes continued for the film. The movie is aiming for an R-rating, and avoided public nudity on Vancouver streets. But, an insider’s tip claims that you can expect plenty of skin as well as laughs from this outrageous send-up of ZOMBIELAND.

Baldwin also gets the best movie line of the year in this film with, “They won’t eat me, because they have to stop and strip”. Okay.

Surprisingly, STRIPPERLAND is set to debut February 22, 2011 on DVD as well theaters. This seems like a mad rush production working against a tight schedule. But, in order to keep the project on budget, expect to see it on time and not a moment late.

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  • Misterelia66

    Saw this film in early release last night….Much better than I expected. With the obvious tributes to Zombieland, but Star Wars and others, as well. A great sense of humor, plenty of gore, lot’s of strippers and a very cool soundtrack make this a must see B movie. And surprisingly, Daniel Baldwin really can rap.