Conan O’Brien’s Ratings Stabilize

The good news for Conan O’Brien is that the ratings freefall seems to have stalled and stabilized at an average audience of about 1.5 million viewers per episode. In addition, CONAN continues to attract the youngest audience of any late night talk show, making the talk show desirable to advertisers as well.

Conan O'Brien

Although this audience is only about half of the premiere episode, TBS has to be grateful that this average of 1.5 million viewers is relatively acceptable enough for a low budget talk show and hopefully can be built on over time. TBS is likely to give O’Brien much more time to develop his show than NBC did. However, by cable standards CONAN is hardly any great success story. AMC’s WALKING DEAD drew a staggering 6 million viewers last week, and the Shakespearian-inspired biker drama, THE SONS OF ANARCHY drew 3.6 million viewers.

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  • John

    Maybe you should learn what you’re talking about. Conan is a late night show with a lower budget then a prime-time drama. That’s like saying Leno’s 4 m viewers is a catastrophe when compared to American Idols 30 m viewers. The fact is his demos are fantastic and he raises TBS’s profile up bringing millions of new viewers not just to his show but to the rest of the channel as well. Combine that with the fact that he’s raised the ad rates for TBS to be on par with network, probably doubling the amount of money per viewer then what they were getting before, and he’s making hundreds of millions of dollars in profit for Time Warner.

    • Guest

      Wouldn’t be the first time the superior product was ignored for crap.

      Long Live the Robot Skeleton Army!

      • ff

        Seriously, comparing a late night talk show to a smash new hit in its first season, and another hugely popular show with a strong toe-hold. Makes total sense.


    • Jontrentj

      Maybe u should learn what u r talkin’ about dude!

  • Bill

    Why does this blog keep popping up in news searches? Comparing talk shows to primetime? Really?

  • Ken Morgan

    “stabilized” is an overestimate. Conan’s show will stabilize at about 1 million viewers in a month. Give his some time.

    Conan has very limited talent, and his talent is appreciated by a small number of people. He should have known this by now especially after his time at NBC.

    • Sarah

      You mean based on his 17 years on a network where for 16 of those years he drew an average of 3.5 million viewers at 12:35 AM? Yeah, real minimal talent.

      • Anonymous

        You mean this same guy who was LOOSING to Craig Ferguson in his last two years before taking over “Tonight”?

        • Jason JW

          I like that you misspelled “losing” but did so in ALL CAPS. The only thing better than stupidity is defiant stupidity.

          • Anonymous

            I like how you didn’t actually contradict what I said 🙂 Hard to admit isn’t it? Actually he is loosing to Jon Stewart in total viewers now.

          • Jiggs Casey

            You are still spelling “losing” wrong. Even after it was pointed out to you.

          • Griffin

            LOLOLOL Garebelman, you got OWNED you dumbass! hahhahahha

    • FUMorgan

      You are a stupid c-nt. Conan has more talent in his left nut than you do in your entire body.

  • Bob

    Get a life. Is this all you have time to do? It’s just a freaking show. Read a book.

  • Matt

    One could argue that Late Night had received a large portion of ratings since it followed the Tonight Show. It’s also true that Craig Ferguson was leading in the end. The Tonight Show hosted by Conan was bad because it looked like Conan trying to do Jay’s show. It’s nice to see him on a network that allows him to bring back his old show style for the current young generation. I also like that the show airs again at the same late night time as the old show (for those of us that want to watch other things at 11et)

  • Anonymous

    Comparing Conan’s ratings to the Walking Dead is not equal or fair. Six million viewers for one episode of Walking Dead is great by cable standards, but 1.5 million for a show airs five nights a week is not bad either. Think about it this way…1.5 million viewers x 5 nights a week = ~7.5 million impressions per week. It just doesn’t happen in one single hour.

  • Anonymous

    The writer of this article has just proven he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

  • Guest

    I have to side with the readers on this one. The author clearly did no research. John Stewert’s show pulls in an average of 2 million viewers – and Strewert has won the Emmy for variety show, what, the thirteen times? 1.5 million for a cable show is considered a success.

  • Rick

    Cone-Head O’Brien is the best interviewer extant. No question he makes his guests more comfortable and sincerely understands and responds to them better than the other two old farts. However, he is not funny. His idea of “funny” is crap like the masturbating bear and soulful vampires exploding in the sun. Jesus Christ it’s no wonder he has the younger audiences. This guy’s sense of humor is at the 5th grade level and completely distasteful to any mature person be they 16 or 60. This is why NBC dropped him. Leno had nothing to do with Cone-Head’s Tonight show demise; it was all Cone-Head’s own fault. It’s true that Leno sucks. He’s not funny and his interviewing skills are terrible. But he’s at least respectful of the sensibilities of the audience which chooses to watch late night talk shows: mature, employed contributers to American society. Unfortunately Cone-Head abjures this demographic and insists upon behaving like a precocious 11-year-old.
    Finally, besides Cone-Head’s failure to recognize his own failure, to blame it upon NBC and/or Leno shows his immaturity. He refused the offer NBC made him to start the Tonight show with him at 12pm EST and now he has caved into TBS’ 11pm EST time-slot which is a half-hour before the Tonight show. He should have insisted upon an 11:30pm start on TBS to be in competition with the two old farts of commercial TV. What the hell’s the difference: a half hour later of a half hour earlier, he’s still not in direct competition with the CBS Commie and the NBC has-been.Cone-Head acts like what he is: a spoiled child, a disgustingly, self-centered egotist with no clue to real comedy. Nevertheless I still say if this puke-faced red-head has a decent guest on his show it will be more enjoyable than the same guest on any other talk-show. Cone-Head truly knows how to treat a guest. It’s too bad he and his sense of humor are so lacking in charisma. We just do not like this guy. He does not compute with those who like a littel humor at the end of a long day at the office. In fact he’s quite repulsive. He’s in the wrong business. Perhaps being a High School Counselor (sp?) is more in his line.
    My prediction is that Cone-Head will tank. Eventually TBS will replace him with Chris Rock or some other comedian. He just is not funny. Irreverant, Yes. Disrespectful, yes. Funny – absolutely not. He’s dead and does’t know it yet. He will eventually be another case of Chevy Chase ineptitude.

    • Guest29

      isnt it easier to say conan than cone-head? (he doesnt even have a head shaped like a cone…) and when you say “we just do not like this guy”, you mean who exactly? how old are you anyways? about 60? see conan’s demo pull for reference.

  • Love Conan, but

    I loved Conan for years at 12:30. Once he git rid of Andy, he was real good. Then he got a bit crazy and over-caffeinated toward the end of his run on NBC and turned me off. The tonight show sucked. His new show on tbs sucks b/c andy richter doesn;t allow him to be himself. Conan can thrive without Andy- Andy brings him down. I LOVED Conan so much in his early days and am real disappointed lately. I catch his monologue now and then switch to local spotscaster bett haber at 11:25 whose sportscast is funnier than conan and loser andy. I catch Letterman’s monlogue then shower then wait for Ferguson, who is as funny as Conan was when Conan was funny. Seems like an eternity ago.