Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson had to hit pause on her DVR for her engagement ring. She says her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, went to extreme lengths to keep her from finding out what he was up to. She was watching ‘Parenthood’ when he told her to pause it. Then he popped the question.

Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson got engaged shortly after her ex Nick Lachey got engaged to his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo. It happened while she was watching television. Jessica tells the story that she didn’t want to pause her show, but Johnson insisted even though it was at a really good part – so she says.

He then popped the question.

He got down on his knee and I had to sit down on it because I was so shocked. I was … short of breath. It was definitely one of those moments where I’ve never felt that way before, ever.

Jessica Simpson is busy doing talk shows and appearances to show off her ring, which Johnson had hidden in a shoe, and promoting her new album, ‘Happy Christmas’.

Enjoy more photos of Jessica Simpson with her fiance Eric Johnson as well as a video of her singing a duet Happy Christmas special on PBS with her sister Ashley Simpson.

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