Why Bristol Palin Will Win Dancing With The Stars

Let’s face it, Bristol Palin is not the most talented dancer left among the final three on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. She and partner Mark Ballas consistently wind up at the bottom of Dancing With the Stars’ judges leaderboard. Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey.  You can watch her finale performances below.

So why will Palin win? Probably just to annoy those who are so aghast that she’s still in the competition. The shrieks from Palin haters are all over the Internet. The funniest are those who attempt to argue against Palin based on the technical merits. If the show was about crowning the best dancer, only Grey would even be a possible finalist. This is something Grey understands.

“(The viewers can) vote for who they enjoy watching dance, or who they enjoy seeing change, or who they enjoy seeing evolve,” Jennifer Grey told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not about who’s the best dancer. That’s why it involves, not (just) judges, it involves the public.”

“There’s lots of haters out there that are waiting for me to fail,” Bristol said.

She didn’t “fail,” at the dancing part, though she wasn’t anywhere near the best of the bunch. Given that she’s been repeatedly saved by America’s votes, it would frankly be a surprise is she doesn’t win the viewer vote in a landslide.

The only question is whether that’s enough to overtake Massy and Grey to win the coveted Mirrorball tropy.

Our bet is that it will be because it’s reality TV, not reality.

And you really couldn’t script it any better than that…

Redemption Dance (Jive)

Freestyle Dance (Chicago)

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  • Saditsch

    I enjoyed watching both dances several times. I think Bristol and Mark did a good job performing. Way to go!!

  • Michael Laprarie

    Personally I think Bristol’s success has more to do with America’s penchant for favoring the underdog, rather than some nebulous right wing conspiracy theory.

    She’s likeable, pretty, and very down to earth. And she is truly an amateur. Considering that, she has done extraordinarily well. I think its poetic justice that the Palin haters try and try and try to destroy this family, yet the harder they try, the bigger they fail.