Anne Hathaway Does Kate Middleton on SNL (Video)

Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and mocked Kate Middleton in a Royal Family sketch. Watch he Anne Hathaway, Kate Middleton SNL video below.

Anne Hathaway

Critics are praising this past weekend’s episode of SNL. It was hosted by Anne Hathaway who reprised her ‘Princess Diaries’ role to play Kate Middleton with her Prince Charming (William), played by Andy Samberg.

Things are going fine until Prince Williams grandparents start giving Kate the Royal Rules. Queen Elizabeth II is played by Fred Armisen and Prince Phillip is played by Bill Hader.

“We’re not talking about salad forks, love,” said Prince Phillip. “This is not the ‘Princess Diaries.'”

“That movie’s crap, isn’t it?” added the Queen.

“I think it has its moments,” a flustered Middleton replied.

“When you’re out there waving to a parade, you be Princess Di, you be Princess Grace … but in the bedroom, think Fergie!”

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Here’s the video of the skit with Anne Hathaway doing Kate Middleton on SNL.

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