Bristol Palin on DWTS
Bristol Palin on DWTS
Bristol Palin on DWTS

For many people, the week’s big news is that Bristol Palin and her partner, Mark Ballas, made it to the finals of Dancing With The Stars – beating out R&B singer Brandy.  While most agree that Brandy was a better dancer than Bristol,  Bristol was arguably the most improved contestant of the season.  Her hard work and growth as a dancer won over some skeptics…but not others.

Bristol and Mark dance the Paso Doble

Unfortunately, Brandy wasn’t a particularly gracious loser.  She cried and carried on, but her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, was more vocal with his whining.  In an E Online interview, he said,

…This season has just been ridiculous since day one. Just one after another after another. Brandy and I think this is the culminating point of this season, it just came crashing down. We almost feel like the effort wasn’t worth it. We put in a lot of work. We put in a lot of effort. It’s been a very, very difficult season…It just feels like it was an uphill climb the entire time and to really come that short of the finale.

Mama didn’t teach those two about being gracious in both winning and losing.

Controversy is boiling on Twitter as people debate conspiracy theories about Bristol’s longevity on the show.   A Wisconsin man was so angry about Bristol’s appearance on DWTS that he took a shotgun to his TV and ended up in a standoff with police that lasted all night.  Really.  Amazing that a reality dancing show can stir up so much angst and controversy.

So the final three are Jennifer Gray, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin.  Who would’ve imagined after the first show this season that Kyle and Bristol would make it to the finals?  However, in every season of DWTS, we’ve seen less accomplished dancers that win out based on personality and their fan base.  I think both Bristol and Kyle are there because they’re the underdogs and they’ve worked their butts off and they’ve improved so much.

Really, folks, it’s a dance show where contestants are judged on ability and popularity.  Brooke Burke urges people each week to “Vote for your FAVORITES.”  The judges give scores for ability and performance.  People vote for their favorites.  Bristol clearly beat Brandy.  It’s about math – not conspiracy.

Bristol and Mark’s Paso Doble earned them their highest marks yet. Check out the video.
Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas dance the Paso Doble