Alexandria Mills Naked Photos Scandal: Miss World 2010 Controversy

Alexandria Mills is caught up in a naked photos scandal. She’s Miss World 2010 and the first from the United States. Now she’s embroiled in a beauty queen controversy that will undoubtedly make her famous, at least will people search for her nude photos on the internet.

Alexandria Mills

According to, Alexandria Mills took nude photos of herself over the summer and sent them to her boyfriend at the time. The photos appear to have been taken in her bathroom.

I think this might be about her FORMER boyfriend. Former. That implies they had a fling over the summer, she sent him naked photos and now they are on the internet. Yes, this has happened before and will probably happen again because apparently no one learns from the mistakes of others.

Not to worry though. She’ll just get more famous for it. After all, that’s how Kim Kardasian and Paris Hilton got famous.

Mills is an 18-year old from Kentucky. She won the Miss World competition in Sanya, China on October 30th.

Enjoy the photos and the Alexandria Mills sexy photo shoot video below.

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