CONAN Was Pretty Good

Conan O’Brien’s new TBS show was both pretty good and pretty routine last night. Opening with a masterful video documentary story GODFATHER-like parody of the downs of his career since the NBC incident, the show featured many high notes while at other times seeming like just another day at the office. It was a mixed bag of very good moments and just so-so moments. But, overall it was good first outing and probably one of the best offerings of TBS. It will now be up to Conan to continue to offer a good product and for enough viewers to watch to determine whether this show flies on it’s own wings or not.

Still sporting the beard he grew last season on NBC, Conan looked nervously energetic. And it was a happy return for viewers to see the Masturbating Bear make a hilarious appearance, proving that normally uptight TBS is willing to loosen their strict censorship strings a little and give Conan O’Brien a little more freedom not afforded other shows on the network.

Both Conan O’Brien and TBS have a lot riding on this experiment. Both need to see this thing work. If it doesn’t, then both will lose out big time, and Conan’s career becomes uncertain. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope.

Update: Further good news just came out moments ago from last night’s ratings with CONAN actually beating both Jay Leno and David Letterman in the ratings. How’s that for sweet revenge. How do you like those apples, Jay?

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