Liz from America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model (First aired November 3, 2010)

Liz from America's Next Top Model

This week’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model” starts off with the announcement that the final six contestants – along with Tyra, Jay Manuel, Miss J. Alexander, Nigel Barker and Andre’ Leon Talley – were all headed to Venice, Italy.  Upon hearing the news, the models do their usual screaming. Is ear-splitting screaming the only way they’re able to express excitement?

When they arrive in Italy, they head to their hotel. As the girls lounge on the balcony celebrating the view, a bird flies overhead – accurately targeting several of them. Most laugh it off,  but Liz complains – incessantly!  Really, did she think the bird singled her out?  It happens. Get over it, Liz!

The next morning Jay Manuel tells them they’ll be vying for Casanova’s attention by draping themselves over both a gondola and Casanova – three at a time – vying for his attention.  They have to suck it up and deal with being gussied up in corsets, and they have to deal with the oppressive heat.   Mario, the gorgeous Italian male model comes in.  He’ll be Casanova.

In the first shoot, Liz, Chris and Kayla are in the gondola with Casanova.  Kayla gets past her aversion to men and gives the most believable performance.  Liz continues to complain – the heat is too much, sweat is dripping into her eyes, her knees are hurting.

Ann, Chelsey and Jane are next. Chelsey and Jane do well, but Ann just can’t get comfortable and looks awkward and out of it.  It starts raining and Jay Manuel cuts the photo shoot short.

The next day they head to Milan where they find that the apartment is tiny.  No luxurious penthouse for them there!  They start to complain about the cramped quarters when Tyra comes by and surprises them (cue more hysterical screaming), and tells them she personally chose the apartment because it is typical of the apartments that models have. She tells them that in her first apartment, the bathroom was down the hall and shared by everyone on the same floor. The message is received: quit your bitching and be thankful for what you have!

Liz talks to her daughter on the phone. Strange conversation about potties and how Liz has already used the potty. Afterwards Liz cries and talks about how much she misses her daughter. Was she oblivious when she signed on for ANTM that it meant being separated from her daughter for the duration of taping? Her constant complaining and making excuses is wearing thin for everyone.

They head off to meet Angela Missoni, a top Italian designer, and her daughter, Margherita. They model the Missoni winter collection. The winter collection includes lots of heavy knits and high turtlenecks.  Recall that the heat is oppressive, and apparently air conditioning isn’t at the top of the priority list in Italy.  They’re all hot and sweaty, and guess who’s complaining about it?  The rest of the girls suck it up, but Liz can’t get past it.  The girls learn that Margherita will be part of the judging panel later.

At panel, the girls come in wearing the Missoni winter collection – and the heat is getting to all of them.  Tyra finally notices that at least two of them (of course Liz is one of the two) are close to fainting, and she has them sit down on the runway for the judging – although they must sit like models, she warns!

They show the best shot of each group from the Venice gondola shoot.  Although Ann struggled during the shoot, her final shot is okay.  In Liz’s photo she is standing behind Casanova with her skirt pulled up.  Andre’ Leon Talley makes the comment that the pose looks “slutty” and Liz responds that it was hard to balance. Another excuse.

Kayla wins best photo, and Jane is second.  Chelsey and Ann are called next. They both could have done better – but they make the cut.  That leaves Chris and Liz as the last two.

Chris’ personality and enthusiasm save the day for her, and Liz is told to pack her bags and head back to the USA. Tyra reminds her, though, that she doesn’t have to win in order to be a good influence on her daughter, and that this doesn’t mean the end of her modeling career.  She also cautions her to leave her short hair as is – no weaves!   I think Liz can be a great model.  She has a great angular face.  She just has to do some work on her attitude.

Next week the models will have go-sees.  That’s always fun to see which ones can follow a map and manage their time and behavior.  Remember the model a few cycles back that asked each designer if she could keep the clothes she modeled in her go-sees?  Who was that?   In next week’s photo shoot they’ll be painted white/grey to look like living statues.