Jay Leno and other late night comics were rolling out the fresh Charlie Sheen jokes last night in response to his latest outrageous incident. But, Sheen attempted to do a little fire-fighting” duty today by claiming that the incident was “overblown”.

According to the best details available over the Web, police arrived at Sheen’s room at New York’s Plaza Hotel where Sheen was running around naked, having trashed his hotel room after he believed that a prostitute had stolen his wallet. Some reports claim that the naked prostitute called 911 from the bathroom for help after Sheen threw an anger fit. Reportedly, Sheen was intoxicated and acting wildly. He was sent by police to the hospital for mental and physical evaluation, where according to radar he tested positive for cocaine. Sheen was later released and returned home on a private jet flight.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Sheen claimed that he was hospitalized for an “allergy” reaction to some drug. But, that’s one hell of an allergic reaction that makes you trash your hotel room with a prostitute. I certainly hope they post a warning label on that drug.

Charlie Sheen’s father, who once strongly considered becoming a Catholic priest because he’s such a fine, decent and religious man must be so overjoyed hearing this good news about his son. Oh, the trials of Job for the father. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen is keeping more than a few joke writers off the unemployment line. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.