Bristol Palin Gets Her Best Score Dancing With the Stars

Bristol Palin took a major leap out of her reserved shell tonight. She and Mark Ballas wowed the crowd and the judges on Dancing with the Stars tonight. She got her personal best score in the competition, a 23. After the marathon dance, she ended the night with a score of 28.

Bristol Palin, 19, is one of the youngest contestants on DWTS this season. She is also the only one with no experience dancing or performing. A lot of people have been pulling for her because she’s really stepped out of her comfort zone and shown a lot of personal gumption to put herself out there like she has.

On the other had, her shyness and reserve has held her back from letting herself go with the dances. She’s done well. Very well. But she’s not PERFORMED as some of the others have. You just have the feeling if she could get more confidence and get into the dance she’d be really good.

And tonight she was. She even beat out former dancer and actress Jennifer Grey who has seemed destined to win the competition.

Brandy won the night though. She did a fantastic tango and left everyone else in her dust in the marathon.

Now that Brandy is on top of the scoreboard for two weeks in a row, she might better watch her back for the up-and-coming most improved every week – Bristol Palin.

Oh. And Bristol and Mark Ballas say they AREN’T dating. Hmmm … just check out the chemistry between the two in the video below and tell me what you think.

Bristol Palin DWTS Tango Video
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  • Nalf

    Hahahaha. THe bovine Bristol was her usual vapid and uncoordinated self, dancing to a simplified tango which required almost no dance talent. The 3 second burst of headbanging was evidently a successful distraction from her lackluster,leadfooted (and leada$$ed) performance.

    There, fixed that for ya.

  • guest

    People should keep in mind that professional dancers such as Mark Ballas are hired to dance with “stars”. The professional dance partners could dread having to dance with a “star” who is gun ho to win and put the professional dancer at risk for physical injuries. It appears that Mark Ballas enjoys dancing with someone closer to his age, one who appears to enjoy doing it, and is not putting him at physical risk, Bristol Palin. Why can’t you just let the two of them and the other professional dancers do their jobs?

  • guest2

    I go back and forth. But I tend to lean toward them dating. Not completely convinced though. Would they actually reveal if they were? Probably not.

  • Lmcromley

    They are great together and vote for keep up the good work as we no you are working hard at love you both

    • Bstankus

      Do hope Bristol & Mark make it to the finals…..she’s doing a great job….good for her……..

  • Jimmy

    Bristol looks very hot