It sure didn’t take Kreskin to see this one coming all the way up Broadway. NBC finally pulled the plug on the horrid new Conan O’Brien“>Conan O’Brien production of OUTLAW, the absurd legal drama that NBC first sent to that awful Friday 10pm time slot. News over the last few days was that NBC ordered a production hiatus(or stop) on the drama while it re-evaluated it’s status at the Peacock network. But, over the weekend the bad news of the further audience decline came in from last Friday night’s episode. NBC saw enough, and like a prize fight going badly, decided to stop the bleeding.

Now, this simply awful series gets trash-canned to that dumping ground graveyard of Saturday evening shows, where the last four filmed episodes will get aired. It’s better than dead air or an infomercial I guess.
NBC plans to revamp their Friday evening schedule with a two hour version of DATELINE, which will also be far cheaper to produce than a much more expensive drama like OUTLAW.


With a simpler storyline, and better written scripts, fine actor Jimmy Smits could have succeeded. But, the wholly absurd story of a ultraconservative lawyer who turns into a liberal champion of small people that he believes were wronged defied common sense. Even worse, was the side story of his heavy interest in gambling and playing the ladies. A more streamlined story of a rebel lawyer who accepts difficult cases would have been so much better. This show just tried too hard, and failed miserably. And that’s sad. Conan O’Brien really really has no presence on NBC at all now.

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