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Britney Spears: X-Factor Releases New Video of Brit Getting Her Biatch On

Fox has released a video of Britney Spears acting a little like Simon Cowell while judging auditions for the X-Factor. For those who thought that she might be boring since she’s on her meds might be wrong after all. Check out Britney Spears getting her biatch on in the X-Factor video below.

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Chris Rene: X-Factor Contestant Moves Audience With Original ‘Young Homie’ (Video)

Chris Rene, an X-Factor contestant on the show tonight really moved the audience and the judges with his original song ‘Young Homie’. If you missed it, you can watch the video below. Chris Rene is a 28-year-old trash collector who auditioned on the X-Factor tonight. He had a sad story to tell, the kind of […]

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Ceri Rees Video: X-Factor Cruelty for Ratings Criticized by Celebs

Ceri Rees was on Britain’s X-Factor for the 4th time and her performance hasn’t improved even a little bit, but that didn’t stop the producers of the show from giving her audition a sixth of the entire show. The humiliating audition lasted for an excruciating 7 minutes and 11 seconds. The only reason for that […]

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Nicole Scherzinger Birthday Parties in Las Vegas (Photos)

Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls and now a judge on next season’s American Idol (after ousting fellow Brit Cheryl Cole), celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas a couple of days early. She turns 33-years-old on June 29, 2011. See some Nicole Scherzinger photos below. Nicole Scherzinger had not just one, but two big […]

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Nicole Scherzinger In, Cheryl Cole Out For X-Factor

Pussycat Dolls sexy singer Nicole Scherzinger is in and Cheryl Cole is out for X-Factor next season. Simon Cowell, the genius behind American Idol and the British version, The X-Factor is bringing the X-Factor to the United States. I can’t tell you how the X-Factor is different from American Idol except maybe there isn’t an […]

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The X-Factor: Yet Another Singing Competition Begs Our Attention

There is no doubt that American Idol has been a huge success worldwide. Beginning as Pop Idol in the UK, the franchise has spread to just about every country and virtually every major language around the globe. For some reason the large-scale singing competition has struck a chord in the psyche of the human race, […]

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Rebecca Ferguson is Brilliant on X-Factor: ‘Sweet Dreams’ Performance Video

A lot of people thought Rebecca Ferguson should have won X-Factor, but she didn’t. Matt Cardle won. Cheer up. If its anything like American Idol, the runners-up do better after the show than the winners. The video below is of her final performance on X-Factor, the Euryhthmics classic Sweet Dreams. It is ‘brilliant’. You can […]

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Rihanna on X-Factor Finale With Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams, Will.i.Am

The U.K.’s X-Factor pulled in some big guns for its season finale. Last night’s first half of the season finale featured each contestant singing individually and then in a duet with a pop-star. This year’s finale features Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams, Will.i.Am and Rihanna singing with the show’s finalists. Last night Matt Cardle paired with […]

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Rihanna X-Factor Performance Video

Rihanna performed ‘Only Girl in the World’ live on the X-Factor tonight.  The video of her performance is below. Rihanna jetted off to London straight from her appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. She appeared on the X-Factor tonight and knocked a live performance of her hit single ‘Only Girl In The World’ out […]

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Mary Byrne: X-Factor Favorite Struggles With Boot Camp Dance (Photos)

X-Factor favorite really struggled with the boot camp dance that Simon Cowell is requiring of the contestants this season. However, Mary Byrne pushed through her arthritis pain and gave the judges a show, including a boob shimmy. Is that good enough to keep her in the competition? Read more and see photos and a video […]

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