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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts: Hidden Wall Safe

Unusual and Wacky Christmas Gifts: Hidden Wall Safe  This Hidden Wall Safe is not only unusual, it is helpful, and it just might protect your valuables from theft.  It looks like an electrical outlet but is actually a hidden wall safe.   It comes with a cutout saw and template so it can be installed easily.

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts – Night Vision Binoculars

Don’t get just any old night vision binoculars, get EyeClops Night Vision Infared Stealth Binoculars. Think of the fun you would have with this wacky and unusual gift!  No longer will you have to turn on the light to make middle-of-the-night bathroom visits.  If you hear a noise in the night, you can see what’s […]

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts – Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit Okay this is not all that wacky, but it is an unusual gift.  Get the sushi enthusiast on your shopping list a Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit.  It has everything you need to make sushi – except the food.  I’ve actually used this myelf, and it was great fun.  Although my sushi […]

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts – Tiki Head Tissue Box Holder

Tiki Head Tissue Box Holder It’s that time of year – cold and flu, and it seems everyone has the sniffles.  This wacky and usual Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover – Green Face with Black Sides would add a glimmer of light on the sick bed of whoever receives this for Christmas.  I want one of […]

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Wacky and Unusual Christmas Gifts – Porn for Women

Today’s wacky and unusual Christmas gift is a book for that special woman in your life:  Porn for Women.  If “porn” is defined as something designed purely to stimulate desire” then this little book will do the trick.  There’s no nudity – just men doing things that would excite any woman: Prepare to enter a […]


Wacky & Unusual Christmas Gifts

Each day between now and the weekend before Christmas we will highlight wacky and/or unusual Christmas gifts.  If you’re looking for that special gift that will get a definite reaction from the recipient, check here each day! Today’s WUG (Wacky Unusual Gift) is the nose pencil sharpener.  Come on, nostril size and pencil size are similar – […]

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