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Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd or Black Tape As a Wardrobe Essential (Photos)

Oh Look. Here are some photos of Taylor Momsen flashing a crowd during a concert the other day! Of course the Pretty Reckless goth princess flashing her boobs and ass for the crowds at her concerts is nothing new. Fortunately, she usually has the foresight to have some black gaffer tape covering her nipples. Being […]

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Taylor Momsen Photos: Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto

Taylor Momsen performed at the Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Below are photos from her performance. She is dressed like she usually dresses, in black leather almost nothing. Her t-shirt reads ‘I F*ck for Satan’. I guess Satan doesn’t worry about the fact that she’s still jail-bait. More Taylor Momsen […]

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