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Criminal Minds Season Seven Premiere

Season seven of Criminal Minds was a roller coaster ride, introducing new hooks and an interesting turn of events. The show opens with the group being interviewed by a Senate Judiciary Committee for a last-minute case that left six people dead, including two FBI Agents. The trial unfolds with each member of the team explaining […]

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The Good Wife Season Premiere: Good Gets Better

Season three’s Good Wife is not only good, but happy. Okay, so she may be the naughty wife now, but it’s soon to be ex-wife, so we’ll look past it. And as aforementioned, Alicia is happy – which is made extremely obvious in the first scene, as she exits the elevator at Lockhart Gardner absolutely […]

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Parenthood Season Premiere: Bad Hair and Buying Babies

NBC’s “Parenthood” returned for the season three premiere on Tuesday and, as much as I enjoyed the show, let me just start by asking this: Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Amber (Mae Whitman), what did you do to your hair? Did they take all mirrors away from you over the summer? At least Amber’s cut semi-fits […]

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