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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Dancing Video Goes Viral

This is a MUST SEE! Someone anonymously uploaded a video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dancing to ‘American Boy’. The video has gone viral and when you see it you will understand why. Its soooo Russian. Check it out below. The 30-second video was uploaded on Tuesday and as reported by Reuters Medvedev “somewhat awkwardly […]


Anna Chapman: Gun-Toting Spy in Moscow Fashion Show (Video)

Anna Chapman is a gun-toting spy for a Moscow fashion show, but she dropped her gun before holding it to the head of another model on the cat-walk. All in good fun though. Below is a picture and a video of the Russian spy’s turn on the catwalk in the Shiyan & Rudkovskaya fashion show […]

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Russian Sci Fi Film BLACK LIGHTNING Inspires Universal English Remake

Call it the Russian response to BATMAN or TRANSFORMERS, but Universal Pictures is so inspired by the Russian Sci Fi film about a college student and his flying 1951 Volga entitled MOLNIYA CHERNAYA(BLACK LIGHTNING to you English speakers) that there are plans to produce a U.S. English remake of the recent foreign film. In it’s […]

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Spy Anna Chapman Mulls Run For Russian Parliament

Beautiful Russian spy, Anna Chapman, who was deported from the United States for espionage, is mulling a run for the Russian parliament. If she follows through with these plans, she is virtually assured a win since she would be running under the United Russia Party banner. Vladamir Putin’s party has a virtual monopoly of power […]

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