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Samuel L. Jackson: Oscars Had No Black Men

Samuel L. Jackson’s kind of pissed. Not only does he think that the Oscars were boring (I’m just speculating), he didn’t like the fact that more black actors weren’t involved in the festivities. TMZ reports that Jackson spoke with a photographer about the Oscars saying: “I guess they didn’t think we were available to read […]

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Scarlett Johansson Mystery Date is Her Agent Joe Machota (Photos)

People have been wondering who was the Scarlett Johansson mystery date at the Oscars last night. It turns out the man on her arm was none other than her agent Joe Machota. See photos and a video of the couple from the red carpet below. Scarlett Johansson Mystery Date is Her Agent Joe Machota Both […]

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Michelle Williams: Oscar Fashion Wash Out Photos

In my opinion Michelle Williams was a Oscar fashion wash-out. Take a look at the photos below and see if you agree. Michelle Williams wore Chanel for her walk down the red carpet at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night. The dress is beautiful. Stunning even. It is a platinum form-fitting gown that […]

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Helena Bonham Carter: Oscar Fashion is Exquisitely Eccentric With British Flag on Her Leg (Photos)

There’s always a buzz about what Helena Bonham Carter will wear on any given occasion and the Oscars is no exception. She does not disappoint for the 83rd Annual Academy awards as she dazzles with her exquisitely eccentric style, this time with a British flag attached to her leg, more specifically a Union Jack. See […]

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Melissa Leo: F-Bomb in Oscar Acceptance Speech

Melissa Leo dropped the F-Bomb in her Oscar acceptance speech. This after causing some controversy in some pre-Oscar ads for support for her nomination as Best Supporting Actress. Read about it below. Melissa Leo may be remembered as the cursing best supporting actress. The 50-year-old actress won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her […]

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Wizbang Pop’s 2011 Oscar Winner Predictions

Sunday is a huge day for motion pictures with the 83rd Academy Awards, and Wizbang Pop has made a few predictions on the big winners. See if you agree, and watch for the actual results on Sunday. *Best Picture: There’s some pretty strong nominees this year in this larger pool of films than ever before, […]